Help us help you.

Please take a moment to make sure you have given us all the information that we need to proceed with your job. The less time we spend confirming details with you, the faster we are starting and finishing your request.

Here is a list of basic details we will need to know about your job:

  •   how many sets? 

               It sounds like a silly question, but many people forget to let us know.

  •   single sided or double sided?

               Is your document set up for 2-sided printing? For example, do you have blank pages inserted in the proper places to have your heading pages or sections starting on the right hand side? If not, let us know if you would like us to do that for you or perhaps chapterization does not concern you. Keep in mind that double sided b&w printing is usually less expensive than single sided.

  •   color or black and white?

               Sometimes a document may have color throught, but you may only want it printed in b&w or perhaps you only need certain pages in color. We need to know this beforehand or we will proceed to print the document in full color as is. If you would like us to use our discretion, let us know and we will color print only the pages that look like they need to be in color to be understood ie: graphs, charts, maps, etc.

  •   stapled, 3-hole punch, coiled, or cerlox binding?

               Are the documents going into binders? Would you like us to provide the binders? Do you need your sets stapled? These are things we need to know before we print, or it can make the project take longer and add extra shop expenses.

  •  when do you need it?

              Let us know what your expectation is for a completion date. If you're on a tight deadline we'll need to know so that we can prioritize our projects.  Please be aware that if we completed your last job very quickly, it does not necessarily mean your next job will be completed in the same fashion. It all depends on how many other projects me may possibly have in front of yours that day.

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